Rifka Rosenwein
Mishnah Project

If you are in middle school or high school, come learn with us this summer. If you are a college student and beyond, check out our summer Kollel in New York City, our vibrant Beit Midrash programming in Israel, and, of course, for year-round study, Yeshivat Drisha.
May 7 - June 4, 2024
On Zoom
In this course, we will explore subtle linguistic and editorial elements of Masechet Avot to get a glimpse into the world of the Sages, how they studied, taught, and acted as custodians of the tradition. Through a careful study of lesser-known teachings from Avot, in light of competing textual traditions, particularly those of Avot d’Rabi Natan and the other “minor tractates” and Medieval commentaries, we will uncover an Avot as intellectually profound as it is spiritual. Special attention will be paid to the 15th century commentary of Rabbi Shimon b. Zemach Duran (Rashbatz).
April 7 - June 2, 2024
On Zoom

Note: Class meets at 1:30PM on April 7th.

Join Rabbi Avie Walfish for Mishnah Nazir & Sotah every Sunday! This course is a presentation of the Rifka Rosenwein Z”L Mishnah Division. And join Drisha’s Mishna Yomit community! Working with the most standard daily mishnah study schedule, you will join a group of committed learners who dedicate time each day for the study of 1-2 mishnayot. Over a period of weeks and months of regular study, you will complete Tractates and even entire Orders of Mishnah!

To anchor and support your individual learning,  Drisha’s Mishnah Yomit program includes a weekly Mishnah Yomit b’Iyun (in-depth) shiur. In this shiur, you will have the opportunity to review portions of the past week’s material, and to go deep into select elements of the text (e.g. core concepts discussed; how the mishnayot interpret and interact with the biblical background; the literary structure and reception history of the unit) — all within the context of a collaborative community of fellow learners.