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College-aged students.


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June 24th-July 12th, 2024


The Drisha Summer Kollel provides an opportunity for immersive, multi-week Torah learning and cohort building. The Kollel is geared towards undergraduate and graduate students, including rabbinical and cantorial students, and draws participants from across the spectrum of Jewish life. Anchored in daily morning Talmud study, the Kollel includes a wide range of afternoon courses and electives, all centered around themes connected to morning Talmud seder.

Meet the faculty

Dr. R. Jon Kelsen is the Chief Education Officer at Drisha. He previously served as Dean at YCT Rabbinical School and taught Talmud and Pedagogy, and has taught and lectured around the world for nearly two decades.  He earned a doctorate in Education and Jewish Studies from New York University, where he studied as a Wexner Graduate Fellow, and was ordained by Rabbis Daniel Landes and Zalman Nehemiah Goldberg.

Rabbi David Silber
Rabbi David Silber

Rabbi David Silber is the Founder and Dean of the Drisha Institute. He is a recipient of the Covenant Award, for excellence in innovative Jewish education, and is the author of A Passover Haggadah: Go Forth and Learn (Jewish Publication Society 2011) and For Such a Time as This: Biblical Reflections in the Book of Esther (Koren Publishers 2017). He is also a nationally acclaimed lecturer on the Bible. Rabbi Silber received ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

Rabbi Dan Margulies
Rabbi Dan Margulies

Rabbi Dan Margulies is on the Judaics faculty at the Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, MD. He received semikha from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and from his teacher Rabbi Simcha Krauss, and also studied in the kollel at YU-RIETS. He previously served as the Rabbi of The Riverdale Minyan, as Assistant Rabbi at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, and on the Talmud faculty of the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education. He studied chemical physics and mathematics at Columbia University.

Dr. Shana Strauch Schick
Dr. Shana Strauch Schick

Dr. Shana Strauch Schick is a lecturer in Rabbinic Literature in the Multidisciplinary Department of Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University and teaches Talmud and Jewish Law at Drisha Institute, NY. She has a PhD in Talmud from Bernard Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University and studied in Stern College’s GPATS, from 2002-2007. She’s the author of Intention in Talmudic Law: Between Thought and Deed (Brill, 2021). Her upcoming monograph is entitled Women in Rabbinic Law and Narrative: Vying Currents in Babylonian and Palestinian Texts.

Sara Schatz
Sara Schatz

Sara Schatz is the Program Director for the Adult Summer Kollel at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education. Originally from Teaneck, N.J. and currently a resident of Jerusalem, Sara is an experienced and knowledgeable educator who is passionate about expanding high-level Torah learning opportunities for women. Working in diverse forums, she has taught Gemara, Halacha, Tanach, and Holocaust education, in her positions as adjunct professor at Stern College for Women, educator and coordinator for OU-JLIC Summer Programs, NCSY Chapter Director for Rochester, NY, and tutor for Jewish conversion candidates with the Beth Din of America. She has lectured in numerous communities across the U.S. and Canada and is particularly enthusiastic about teaching Torah in small Jewish communities. Sara is a proud alumnus of Stern College for Women, where she received her B.A. in Judaic Studies and Education, and of Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies, where she received her M.A. in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation. In addition to her work at Drisha, Sara serves as a faculty member and program coordinator at Midreshet Torah v’Avoda in Jerusalem and is in the process of completing her M.A. in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa.


Morning seder

We begin seder at 9am sharp, in which we delve in our Talmud texts with our chavrutot (study partners). We then have a daily shiur at approximately 11am. This year, we are learning the second chapter of Tractate Makkot with renowned Drisha scholar Rabbi Dan Margulies, in which we will discuss topics of incarceration, rehabilitation, and more.

Afternoon courses and electives

From 1-3pm, we offer lecture-based courses and electives in Tanakh, Halakha, and Jewish Thought given by both guest speakers and Drisha scholars. This year’s lineup includes Rabbi David Silber, Rabbi Jon Kelsen, and Dr. Shana Strauch Schick. The topics of afternoon courses generally revolve around morning seder study. 

Cohort building

Each morning during the Kollel, we start our day with optional coffee talks where a kollel member has the opportunity to share a dvar Torah before we start with morning seder. Kollel participants also have the option to enjoy lunch-and-learns with a chaburah (learning group) given by a Kollel participant.

Program application

If you’re interested in applying to our Summer Kollel, please fill out an application. Qualified applicants will be invited to interview for the program. 

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What’s next?

If you are looking for more learning beyond the Summer Kollel, check out our year-round courses and programming.