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Drisha opened the doors of its new yeshiva in Rosh Tzurim in Elul of 5778 (August, 2018) with eighteen full-time students. The goal of the yeshiva is to enable women to achieve the highest levels of Torah learning, to enable female scholars to continue to develop as talmidot chakhamot, and to help women cultivate intellectual, religious, and personal depth.

The yeshiva is led by Rosh Yeshiva Hanna Dreyfuss (Godinger). Rabbanit Yael Shimoni is the Assistant Rosh Yeshiva. They are joined by Rabbanit Nechama Porat, who directs night seder and supports the learning in the beit midrash, and by several part-time faculty who teach courses and guide independent learning in the afternoons. Noa Ovadia Wexler serves as Dean of Students.

For bios of our core faculty and information about part-time faculty, please click here.

The yeshiva’s curriculum focuses on gemara, which is studied in five morning sedarim (iyun) each week as well as in night seder (bekiut). In addition, two afternoons a week are dedicated to study of halakha and two to Jewish thought. One afternoon a week is dedicated to guided independent research projects. Several times during the year, afternoons are spent in a Tanakh intensive led by Drisha founder and director Rabbi David Silber. All courses of study include significant periods of independent learning in preparation for shiurim.  Please click here for the weekly yeshiva schedule.

For more detailed information about the yeshiva’s curriculum, pedagogy, and approach to learning, please visit our Hebrew webpage.

The yeshiva welcomes applicants who are interested in dedicating one or more years to full-time intensive study. Applicants must have at least one year of post-high school Torah learning (or the equivalent). Accepted students are eligible for living stipends to enable them to devote themselves full-time to learning in the yeshiva.

For more information or to inquire about applying to the yeshiva, please call Ms. Ovadia Wexler at 054-639-065 or email [email protected]