The Elga Stulman Summer Programs

Elga Stulman of blessed memory was a beloved student at Drisha for more than ten years, and served on our Board of Directors. Her love of learning was an inspiration and her passion to enable others to learn is her legacy.

Due to COVID-19 we have moved our programs online. so that we don’t miss out on learning opportunities and momentum of our programs and student growth.

Summer Kollel

Drisha’s Summer Kollel for college students and recent graduates (graduate and rabbinical students included) is an intensive full day experience of Jewish text study, community building and spiritual growth. 

Our learning community is characterized by its rigor, integrity, and pursuit of meaning. 

Summer Part Time Continuing Education Classes

Each summer, Drisha continues to offer various daytime and evening courses that are open to the public. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate in guest lectures and series on topics including Bible, Jewish Law, Philosophy, and Talmud.

Dr. Beth Samuels Summer High School Program

High school students from around the world spend 4 memorable weeks together, building their knowledge and their friendships at Drisha. Since 1988, this initiative has provided young women with an opportunity to immerse in the study of classical biblical and rabbinic texts, while living together in a dorm and participating in social activities.

Beit Midrash in Israel

Israeli students from across the spectrum of Israeli life participate in the intensive two week program of study situated in Yemin Orde, a visionary youth village in northern Israel. The Beit Midrash integrates immersive learning of Jewish texts with an exploration of critical social issues, and participants are challenged to bring insights from their learning into the work that they do in their home communities throughout the year.

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