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The Yeshiva


Drisha is proud to announce the launch of a new yeshiva in Israel in the fall of 2018. The yeshiva will be an advanced learning institute for women, offering both one-year and multi-year programs for young women who have completed at least one year in a post-high school beit midrash.

Hannah DreifusThe yeshiva will be led by Rabbanit Hanna Dreyfus (Godinger), who will hold the title Rosh Yeshiva. Rabbanit Dreyfus has served as Rosh Beit Midrash in Midreshet Lindenbaum and Rabbanit of Pelech High School. She is presently director of Metivta, the advanced Talmud program at MaTan.

Studies at the yeshiva will focus on gemara; gemara study will take place five mornings a week (iyun) as well as every evening (bekiut). Additional foci will be Jewish thought and halakha. Jewish thought will involve a study of religious, theological, and philosophical texts to create a foundation for the cultivation of religious depth. Halakha will focus on developing familiarity with a broad range of  halakhic texts and an understanding of halakhic decision-making as reflected in responsa and codes.

Understanding individual and communal prayer to be core elements of religious life, the yeshiva will work to build communal prayer experiences as well as help deepen students’ engagement in prayer through hakhana litfilla.

The goal of the yeshiva is to enable women to achieve the highest levels of Torah learning, to enable female scholars – including the faculty of the yeshiva – to continue to develop as talmidot chakahmot, and to help women cultivate intellectual, religious, and personal depth.

To read more about the yeshiva on our Hebrew website, click here.

To see the yeshiva’s daily schedule, click here.

For more information on the yeshiva please contact Rabbi Silber at dsilber@drisha.org or Rabbanit Dreyfus at hannadr@gmail.com.