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Middle School Girls’ Talmud (Sefira Zman)
Day: Tuesday
Date: May 14 - June 4, 2024
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

One of our most beloved offerings! Join veteran educator and Drisha alumna Mrs. Deborah Klapper, in a Talmud class just for middle school girls. This Sefira Zman, we’ll be focusing on Masechet Bava Kama chapter 3.

You leave your house, and someone has filled the street and sidewalk with breakable bottles. Now how are you going to get to school? And who is going to pay for all of this broken glass?
Have you ever wondered whose fault it is when you break something that shouldn’t have been there to begin with? Come explore the limits of responsibility in the third chapter of Bava Kama. Just fun ideas and nice people. No stress, homework, or school.

Mrs. Deborah Klapper is a graduate of Drisha’s Scholars’ Circle and holds a degree from Harvard. She lives, learns, and teaches in Sharon, MA.