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Drisha’s Beit Midrash in Israel

August 15-28, 2016 in Yemin Orde.

  • sunset and waves
    Tue Aug 02

    Intermediate Talmud: Masekhet Gittin – Tikkun Olam
    Sara Wolkenfeld

    2:00 PM

    Intermediate Talmud: Masekhet Gittin – Tikkun Olam
    Sara Wolkenfeld
    Tuesdays, 2-4:30pm
    sunset and waves

    Price: $ 150.00

    The Talmudic rabbis were interpreters and legislators as well as social engineers, and they used their legislative powers to accomplish a variety of goals. In Masekhet Gittin, we are introduced to laws that are enacted for the sake of “tikkun olam.” Tikkun Olam is often translated as “repairing the world” but in its Talmudic context the term is harder to define, and is used in a variety of legal situations for the benefit of society and the system as a whole. In this class we will see what motivated this sort of rabbinic legislation, what commonalities exist among them, and think whether and how this concept applies in our lives today. This class will focus on cultivating the ability to analyze the text of the Gemara, while also incorporating excerpts from some of the classical commentaries.


    5-sessions: July 5, 12, 19, 26, August 2

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I learned what it means to bring your whole self to Torah study. This meant challenging myself and others to formulate an idea honestly and with clarity, grappling with an idea within a previously held worldview, bringing every discipline and insight to the table as a potential tool to understanding, and sharing a joy and enthusiasm with the community of students of Torah that surrounded me.

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