The Yeshiva Faculty

Core Faculty and Administration

Rabbanit Hanna Dreyfuss (Godinger) serves as Rosh Yeshiva and teaches gemara (iyun). Rabbanit Dreyfuss learned in Migdal Oz, Matan, and Beit Morasha. She earned her BA in philosophy and psychology and her MA in Talmud. She served as Rabbanit Beit Sefer in Pelech High School, as Rosh Beit Midrash in Midreshet Lindenbaum, and as head of the Metivta program in advanced Talmud at Matan. Rabbanit Dreyfuss is a sought-after speaker and teacher who has been invited to teach in yeshivot and panels of rashei yeshiva.

Rabbanit Yael Shimoni serves as Assistant Rosh Yeshiva and as Ramit for gemara (iyun). Rabbanit Shimoni learned at Migdal Oz, Matan, and the halakhic leadership program at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She holds a BFA from Bezalel and a BED in Torah Shebe’al Peh Education and Jewish Thought. She is currently completing her Masters in Jewish Thought Education as Herzog College. Rabbani Shimoni taught gemara and halakha at Pelech High School and served as a shana bet Ramit at Migdal Oz. She currently directs Meshivat Nefesh, the online responsa program of the rabbaniyot of Beit Hillel. She is also a plastic artist and member of “A Studio of Her Own”; exhibits of her work have appeared throughout Israel.

Rabbanit Nechama Porat directs the gemara bekiut program in the yeshiva. Rabbanit Porat learned at Nishmat, Migdal Oz, and the halakhic leadership program at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She earned her Bacholors degree in Jewish Thought Education and in Torah Shebe’al Peh and is currently studying toward her Masters in Jewish History. Rabbanit Porat served as Ramit at Midreshet Lindenbaum and as the head of Midreshet Zion in Washington, DC.

Noa Ovadia Wexler serves as Dean of Students at the yeshiva. She supports individual and group growth of the learners in the yeshiva and coordinates hakhana litfilla. Ms. Wexler learned at Midreshet Lindenbaum and participates in Beit Midrash Zohar Chai. She studied complementary medicine at Hebrew University and in a variety of other settings, and she runs a clinic for women experiencing challenges relating to fertility and sexuality.


Part-Time Faculty

Rabbi Yitzchak Ben David teaches halakha in the yeshiva. Rabbi Ben David learned at Yeshivat Har Etzion and received ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. He earned a Masters in Talmud and Jewish Thought and a doctorate in law. Rabbi Ben David was a Tikvah Fellow at New York University and has been a research fellow both at the program for human rights and Judaism in the Israel Democracy Institute and at the Center for Jewish Law and Democracy in Bar Ilan University. He served as head of Midreshet Ein Hanatziv, where he taught Talmud and Jewish Thought.

Rabbi Chaim Vidal teaches Jewish Thought in the yeshiva. Rabbi Vidal learned at Machon Meir and Yeshivat Beit El. He earned his Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Jewish Thought at the University of Haifa. Rabbi Vidal was one of the founders of Mechinat Bnei David in Eli and  has taught in the mechina as well as a variety of midrashot and yeshivot. He is founder of Galei Masekhta, an institute for the advanced study of agada, and director of the program in Jewish thought at Yeshivat Amit Orot Shaul in Kfar Batya. Rabbi Vidal is author of two books on prayer as well as many articles and essays.

Rabbanit Hanital Ofan teaches gemara bekiut at the yeshiva. Ms. Ofan learned at Matan and at Nishmat, where she received certification as a Yoetzet Halakha. She has a Masters in Talmud from Bar Ilan University. She has taught in a varity of batei midrash.    

Ben-Zion Ovadia guides individual research and writing projects. Mr. Ovadia learned at Yeshivat Hakotel and Yeshivat Siach. He holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from Hebrew University and is working toward his doctorate in Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He serves as head of Havruta, the beit midrash at Hebrew University, where he teaches gemara.

Olesh Goldberg guides individual research and writing projects. Ms. Goldberg holds a Bachelors degree in Jewish Thought. She teaches Chassidut and Jewish Thought in Midreshet Shuva, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and Mechinat Ein Prat as well as in Ofra and Pelech high schools.