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Women’s Leadership Initiative Workshop Day

Join us for a day of skill-building workshops and networking for Orthodox Women Clergy, Educators, and Communal Workers. This will be a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and to learn from expert presenters. 

When: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 8:45 AM-8 PM
Where: Drisha Institute, 37 West 65th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY

This event is co-sponsored by Drisha and JOFA and is generously supported by
a grant from the Wexner Foundation.

Tentative Schedule:

8:45-9 am: Breakfast
9:15 am-11 am: Interviewing Skills
11:15 am-1pm: Negotiating Contracts (salary, title, parsonage, parental leave)
1pm-2:15 pm: Lunch and Mincha
2:15 pm-4 pm: Planning Your Career Path, Not Just Your Next Job Search
4:15 pm-6 pm: Career Models and Challenges for Female Clergy and Educators
6 pm-8pm: Dinner with Leaders and Stakeholders

Career Models and Challenges for Female Clergy, Educators, and Communal Workers For Orthodox women working in the Jewish community, there are many new roles and opportunities. A unique challenge and opportunity is creating your own career path. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about different career models that you can choose to follow and to workshop challenges as a group. Career models may include: yoetzet halakha, senior school administrator, pulpit work, and executive at a Jewish communal organization.

Interviewing Skills
How do you master your next interview, whether it’s 1 on 1 or with a panel of synagogue board and search committee members? In this interactive workshop, you will be grilled by a panel of experts who will give you practical tips on how to improve your individual performance. There will also be some discussion of strategies for a Shabbat interview.

Negotiating Contracts (salary, title, parsonage, parental leave) with Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin, Dean of Students, Columbia Law School
What are the “magic words” to successfully negotiate your next contract? How can you best prepare your case, know your worth, decide what to ask for, and what you’re willing to accept? Work with expert negotiator, Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin, Dean of Students at Columbia Law School, to learn “tricks of the trade” for navigating this process, with a particular eye towards negotiating with boards and addressing the topics of salary, title, parsonage, and parental leave.

Planning Your Career Path, Not Just Your Next Job Search, with Dr. Amy Fox Griffel, Associate Professor, Einstein Medical School
What does it mean to plan your career path, and how can you do it successfully? Learn how to visualize your end goal and use your next series of jobs as stepping stones to achieve your career goals.

APPLY HERE! APPLICATIONS DUE: Friday, December 18 2015

Limited travel stipends are available for those traveling from outside of the tri-state area. Click here to apply for a travel stipend.

Questions? Email rachel.lieberman@jofa.org