International Women’s Talmud Day

May 17, 2020

We’re excited to invite you to the third annual International Women’s Talmud Day: A day to encourage women’s Talmud study, to nurture community among women who study and teach Talmud, and to highlight women’s Talmud scholarship.

The theme of this year’s day is Masekhet Shabbat, which will also be the Masekhet we are up to in the Daf Yomi cycle.

Miriam Gedwiser will be teaching on behalf of Drisha from 4 – 5pm eastern.
A Substantial Caveat To The Torah?: Aggadot of the giving of the Torah on Shabbat 88a”  More info…

Full Schedule:

Opening Shiur
Shayna Abramson
12 pm Israel | 10 am GMT

This is Torah and This is its Reward: The New Torah Teachers
Rabbi Rebecca Blady
12 pm Israel time / 10 am GMT

Like Mountains Hanging by The Thread of a Hair
Gila Bieler-Hoch
2 pm Israel |12 pm GMT

What is the Mishna & Talmud?
Dr. Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
4 pm Israel | 2pm GMT | 9 am EST

Yeshivat Maharat: Rabbanit Jenna Englander
4 pm Israel | 2 pm GMT | 9 am EST

Masekhet Megillah: Five Pathways to Sanctity
Rabba Dina Brawer
5 pm Israel | 3 pm GMT | 10 am EST

Yeshivat Maharat: Rabbi Marianne Novak
5 pm Israel | 3 pm GMT | 10 pm EST

Rashbi and the Torah for Entering and Exiting the Cave
Rabbi Eryn London
6 pm Israel | 4 pm GMT | 11 am EST

A Woman Walks Into A Bar: Confronting Mishnah Kiddushin
Rabbi Jane Kanarek
6:30 pm Israel | 4:30 pm GMT | 11:30 am EST

Three Different Looks at Masekhet Shabbat

How many mitzvot for men and for women?
Rabbi Leah Shakdiel
8 pm Israel | 6 pm GMT | 1 pm EST

The Sanctity of Shabbat Food
Rabbanit Nechama Goldman Barash
8:30 pm Israel | 6:30 pm GMT | 1:30 pm EST

Emerging from Quarantine: R Shimon Bar Yochai and the Problem of Isolation
Devorah Wolf
9:00 pm Israel | 7:00 pm GMT | 2:00 pm EST

Hannah 2:0: On the Talmud’s radical re-reading of the worn and weary Hannah of Tanakh
Miriam Lorie
10 pm Israel | 8 pm GMT | 3 pm EST

A Substantial Caveat To The Torah?: Aggadot of the giving of the Torah on Shabbat 88a.
Miriam Gedwiser
11 pm Israel | 9 pm GMT | 4 pm EST
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Yeshivat Maharat: Rabba Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez
11 pm Israel | 9 pm GMT | 4 pm EST

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This project is co-sponsored by Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, Maharat, JOFA, JOFA UK,

Additional sponsors include: Kehillat Yedidya Events, Beit Midrash Har’el בית מדרש הראל and הדרן – קול נשי בשיח התלמודי Hadran and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies