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Yeshivat Bein Hazmanim:
Drisha Winter Beit Midrash

for college, graduate, and rabbinical students and young professionals, women and men

Sunday, December 24-Thursday, December 28

Judaism and Christianity
Come learn Torah in an immersive, open environment. We will be learning parts of Avodah Zarah during the mornings, and in the afternoons will be focusing on the many ways in which Jews and Christians have lived together in collaboration and competition through our study of biblical interpretation, kabbalah, Jewish history, and more.

Teachers include Michal Bar-Asher Siegel, Eitan Fishbane, Miriam Gedwiser, Aaron Koller, Chaviva Levin, David Silber, and Devora Steinmetz.

Daily Schedule:
7:45am – Hakhana liTfilla
8:15am – Shacharit followed by breakfast
9:30am – Morning Seder
12:30pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Mincha
1:30pm – Afternoon session with Drisha’s Winter Week of Learning
4pm – Jewish-Christian Biblical Interpretation
6pm (Monday and Wednesday) – Dinner followed by Night Seder

Click here to apply. Click here for the recommendation form.

Applications due by December 10, 2017. Applications received after December 10 will be considered if space allows.
Cost: $200
Need-based scholarships are available. Please inquire at drishawinter@gmail.com