for high school and middle school Talmud teachers

Teaching Talmud in Day Schools

Monday June 29 through Thursday July 2, 2015 

a four-day workshop for high school and middle school Talmud teachers

Please join us for a workshop exploring key issues in teaching Talmud in day schools. Some of the topics we will address:

Teaching skills: Helping students develop a robust ability to identify and make sense of the steps of a Talmudic argument, including using technology effectively to support skill development.

Purpose and meaning: What is learning Talmud about? How do we understand and help students understand the purpose and meaning of Talmud study?

Talmudic discourse: How can we help students make sense of features of Talmudic discourse that they may find frustrating or alienating (such as uqimta’ot, revisions of tannaitic statements, forced derashot, etc.)?

Relating the forest and the trees: Uncovering and helping students access the big ideas of a sugya or chapter of Talmud.

On the daf and beyond the daf: What foci might advanced Talmud study have, in addition to learning Rishonim and other commentaries and poskim?

Learning to swim: Helping students learn to navigate the texts of torah shebe’al peh.

Teacher-led and small group/chavruta learning: Using a variety of groupings effectively to maximize student learning and ownership.

Participants will also be invited to bring into the workshop issues that are important to their own teaching practice and to share their own experiences and expertise. Recognizing that teachers come from diverse settings with diverse curricula and different student populations, the workshop’s goal is to help teachers be more effective in teaching whatever Talmud or Rabbinics curriculum their school has developed.

Dr. Devora Steinmetz (Drisha Institute) and Rabbi Dr. Avie Walfish (Herzog College) will lead the workshop, focusing on key challenges in Teaching Talmud in day school settings.

Sessions will include presentations and discussions focused on each of these challenges, in the context of study a shared text, as well as opportunities for participants to apply the concepts and strategies being discussed to texts that they will be teaching in the coming year and to the particular settings in which they teach.

The program will take place from 9 to 5; participants are welcome to join together at 8:30 for breakfast.

We invite day schools to encourage members of their faculty to participate in this program.

For more information about the program and fees, please contact us at [email protected]  or (212) 595-0307.