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May 31 - June 18 & June 21- July 9, 2021

Join our virtual Beit Midrash

Now in its 12th year, the Drisha Summer Kollel is a rigorous, immersive program of Torah study, prayer and community building.

Following the success of last year’s online program, when nearly 60 students created a vibrant virtual beit midrash, we are excited once again to offer the chance for students from across the Jewish world to come together for an online learning experience like no other.

The theme of this year’s program will be: 

“And all peoples of the earth will be blessed through you” (Gen. 12:3): 

Universalism and Particularism in Jewish Tradition

Judaism is founded on a covenantal relationship between God and Israel, yet it also reflects a vision for all of humanity.  This summer, we will examine this polarity within Judaism, by studying the topics of the Noahide laws and idolatry in the seventh chapter of Sanhedrin and from a variety of other perspectives in Bible, Jewish law, and Jewish thought.

How to Participate

  • Join us for either one or both 3-week sessions
  • Full-time fellows: Students who are able to commit to a full day of study will join a diverse cohort in building an on-line community.  In addition to morning and afternoon classes, the program will include hakhanah le-tefillah (prayer workshops) and special lectures on a wide range of topics related to Talmud study.
  • Part-time students: Students who are not able to commit to a full-time program are welcome to join us for either morning or afternoon classes.

Registration Information

Applications for the 2021 Summer Kollel are closed.  For more information or questions, or if you’re still interested in joining us, please contact [email protected]

Our Classes

  • Hakhanah Le-Tefilah (prayer workshop) takes place Monday through Thursday mornings, with a focus on a different aspect of prayer each day of the week.
  • Morning Talmud classes (2- 3 week sessions: May 31 – June 18 | June 21 – July 9) are divided into 3 skill levels, and include study time with a chavruta (study partner).  All students are asked to commit to the entire 3-week course.
  • Afternoon elective classes (Mon-Thurs each week) are open to students of all skill levels.
    • 5/31-6/8: Universalism and Particularism in Theological, Political, and Halachic Writings of the 20th Century by Joe Wolfson (6 sessions)
    • 6/9-6/17: Becoming Israel by Rabbi David Silber (6 sessions)
    • 6/21-6/24: Universalism and Particularism from the Haskalah to Today by Sarah Zager (4 sessions)
    • 6/28-7/8: Should There Be Jewish Missionaries? by Sam Lebens (8 sessions)
  • Special lectures will be scheduled throughout the summer and are open to all (pre-registration required


Morning shiur: $250 for each 3-week session
Afternoon only: $150 for each 3-week session
Morning & afternoon: $350 for each 3-week session

Full-time fellows are eligible for a full tuition waiver.  Part-time students are asked to make the suggested contribution for each course or to pay what they can afford.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 212-595-0307.

Kollel Faculty

Click here for a list of Kollel faculty.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:45 am – 8:30 am Hakhanah Le-Tefilah (prayer workshops) – students commit to at least one day a week
  • 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Talmud seder (class & chavruta)
  • 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm Afternoon lecture classes, each running 4 to 8 sessions
  • 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Special shiurim, guest lectures, discussion groups – 2 times a week (full-time fellows only)
  • Note: Times in EDT

What past participants are saying…

“Drisha’s Beit Midrash is truly a one of a kind place. Every time I walked inside, I could feel the energy being generated all around me by the combined passion of the incredible faculty and inspiring students. Drisha provided me not only with a wonderful place to learn, but with a place where I could grow as a human being in general and as a Jew in particular. I can’t wait to be back!”
-Steve Gotlib, Kollel 2016

My Drisha experience impacted me in setting the groundwork for how I view the role of a Beit Midrash in a community. On my own campus, I think of ways to expand the walls of the Beit Midrash, ways to bring the Beit Midrash to others, and most importantly, ways to ensure that the outside community, its values and concerns, are brought into the Beit Midrash.”
-Raymond Habbaz, Kollel 2013 & 2014

“From the moment I arrived in the Kollel, the atmosphere of learning, conversation and friendship really embraced me. Drisha fosters an environment where those of a huge range of ability and backgrounds can learn together respectfully, encouraging everyone to add their voice to the Torah unfolding before us. The teaching and scholarship here is excellent, and I leave shiurim feeling challenged. I also hugely enjoy the music which pervades the air, from the kumtzitz on Thursday evenings, to the hachanat ltefila class on niggunim. And it’s not only the music which pervades the air, but also deep and interesting conversations, complementing the classes. In short, it is a fantastic way to spend your summer!”

–Hannah Cowen, Kollel 2017

Drisha’s beit midrash is a place that I can return to time and again to study and learn. My time spent learning at Drisha increased my love of advanced Torah learning and allowed me to forge connections with incredible people. These connections still remain strong today.”
-Ilana Gadish, Kollel 2010 & 2011

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