Drisha Kollel: Talmud Intensive

Monday, June 29 – Friday, July 24, 2020

Join a community of intensive Talmud learning, fellowship, tefila and service!

Summer 2019

The Drisha Summer Kollel is a rigorous, immersive program of Torah study, prayer and communal service. 

Now in its 11th year, the Drisha Summer Kollel is proud to offer a four-week Talmud Intensive.  In the context of our regular schedule, we will dedicate all our Torah study to different elements of the Talmud and diverse perspectives on Talmud study.  For students with more limited experience, this is a chance to build independence in Talmud study with our skills-focused approach.   More advanced students will engage in in-depth analysis of different darkhei ha-limmud (approaches to Talmud study) and learn methods for developing sugyot to teach.

Due to social distancing restrictions, this summer’s Kollel will take place entirely on our online platform.  Despite the limitations of this format, we are excited to have a chance to develop a virtual beit midrash, enabling students from far and wide to share in Drisha’s distinctive approach to learning.

How to Participate

Registration Information

Submit an online application for either full-time or part-time registration.

Our Classes


Morning shiur, 4 weeks $300
Afternoon only, 2 week sessions. $125 per session
$500 for whole program. 

Full-time fellows are eligible for a full tuition waiver.  Part-time students are asked to make the suggested contribution for each course or to pay what they can afford.

Should you have questions regarding your eligibility, please email [email protected]

For more information, email [email protected] or call 212-595-0307.

Kollel Faculty

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Sample Daily Schedule

What past participants are saying…

“Drisha’s Beit Midrash is truly a one of a kind place. Every time I walked inside, I could feel the energy being generated all around me by the combined passion of the incredible faculty and inspiring students. Drisha provided me not only with a wonderful place to learn, but with a place where I could grow as a human being in general and as a Jew in particular. I can’t wait to be back!”
-Steve Gotlib, Kollel 2016
“Drisha’s beit midrash is a place that I can return to time and again to study and learn. My time spent learning at Drisha increased my love of advanced Torah learning and allowed me to forge connections with incredible people. These connections still remain strong today.”
-Ilana Gadish, Kollel 2010 & 2011
“My Drisha experience impacted me in setting the groundwork for how I view the role of a Beit Midrash in a community. On my own campus, I think of ways to expand the walls of the Beit Midrash, ways to bring the Beit Midrash to others, and most importantly, ways to ensure that the outside community, its values and concerns, are brought into the Beit Midrash.”
-Raymond Habbaz, Kollel 2013 & 2014