Winter Week of Learning – Nahmanides as Communal Leader: The Controversy over Maimonides

Dr. Aaron Koller

Sunday, December 23, 2018

10:30 am

When he was still a relatively young man, Ramban found himself in the middle of the worst cultural clash in the Jewish world in centuries. Jews in Northern France had issued a ban on the philosophical works of Maimonides and anyone who read them; Jews in Spain had banned anyone who banned the works of Maimonides. This "Maimonidean controversy" has a lot to tell us about Jewish culture of the Middle Ages. Into the fray stepped the Ramban, with a brilliant letter meant to quiet the raging Jewish world, and to a large degree he succeeded. In this session we will study the texts from the controversy, and especially Ramban's role. We will lay out what the issues were and why they were so important, who Ramban was and why he was uniquely able to get involved in a peace-making manner, and how a letter managed to restore order to communities ripped apart.

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