Winter Week of Learning – Literary Aspects of Nahmanides’ Biblical Commentary

Michelle Levine

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

10:00 am

Ramban’s biblical commentary presents an insightful analysis of the literary strategies that underlie the composition of biblical stories and songs. His interpretative approach demonstrates the integral relationship between poetics and exegesis; that is, by exploring how biblical narrative and song are communicated through a deliberate literary style and mode of presentation, Ramban divulges what timeless messages the Bible seeks to impart to its audience. This lecture will explore illustrative examples of Ramban’s perception of literary features of the biblical story such as strategies of characterization; plot sequence and chronology; gapping, ambiguities, and repetition; and with regard to biblical song, we will focus on his perception of the artistic style of parallelism as well as the holistic delineation of a song into its stanzas.

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