Book Salon & Beit Midrash: A Simple Story by S. Y. Agnon

Dr. Shai Secunda

Thursday, February 7, 2019

7:00 pm

Location: A private residence on the Upper West Side, details provided upon registration

Thursday, February 7 , 7:00 PM - A Simple Story by S. Y. Agnon.

A Simple Story is one of the celebrated Hebrew novelist, S. Y. Agnon’s, greatest achievements. If the story is at all simple, it is only in the seeming effortlessness of relating a physiological and countercultural tale about bittersweet romance, bourgeous expectations, and madness. Most striking are the allusions to classical Jewish literature found on nearly every page. Rather than representing innocuous, commonly held values, these texts are provocative, destabilizing, and worthy of careful study.

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Price: $ 15.00

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