#Believewomen?:  Sugyot in the First Chapter of Tractate Ketubot (Online Class)

Dr. Shana Strauch Schick

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

12:00 pm

Course Description:
Masechet Ketubot centers on a husband’s financial obligations to his wife after the dissolution of their marriage (upon death or divorce). Several sugyot discusses what happens when a man contests his obligation to pay based on accusations of infidelity or lack of virginity at the time of marriage. Whom did the rabbis believe and what evidence did they require to resolve such claims?

Through careful readings of the gemara and rishonim, we will examine these questions and discuss their relevance in today’s post #metoo era . In the process, we will gain skills in how to read and analyze talmudic texts along with the medieval commentaries.


Class 1: Introduction to Ketubot: The View of Marriage in the time of Chazal.
Class 2:  Is Ketubah a biblical obligation or a rabbinic enactment?
Classes 3-4:  12b (Mishnah 1:6): Claims of Infidelity
Class 5: 13a (Mishnah 1:7): Claims Regarding Virginity
Classes  6-8: 13a-b (Mishnah 1:8-9): Claims Regarding Sexual History

Required books:
Gemara Tractate Ketubot (with Rashi and Tosafot). Mishnah Ketubot. I will provide other sources as needed.

Price: $ 200.00

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