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Rabbi Menachem Leibtag -
The Renee and Alexander Bohm Memorial Lecture

Lecture is sponsored by their grandchildren, Elissa Shay Ordan and Daniel J. Ordan Rabbi Menachem Leibtag on Holidays and Theology in the Biblical Calendar: From a 'Holy Land' to a 'Holy People' Many of the practices of the festivals seem odd or out of place. The imagery of being "judged" in Tishrei, the practice of saying ya'ale ve-yavo on holidays and Rosh Hodesh, our counting both days and weeks in the omer - all of these take on new significance in light of the agricultural roots of the Jewish festivals and the biblical calendar. In this lecture, Rabbi Leibtag explores those, in order to better appreciate the way the calendar has evolved together with the world, and yet preserves its eternal sanctity.