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Jesse Abelman


Rachel Friedman


Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz


Jon Kelsen

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Channa Lockshin Bob

Deception in the Exodus Story
There are many instances in the story of the exodus of God and the nation of Israel’s deception of the Egyptian people. Download this podcast to learn more. The Rapoport Family Memorial Lecture.
Listen 01/29/2015

Rabbi David Silber

Parashat Shemot: Comparing Verses
The first seven verses of Shemot are strikingly similar to lines 8 to 27 of chapter 46 of Genesis. In this session, we will explore the reasons why.
Listen 12/17/2013
Creation Narratives in the Book of Exodus
Rabbi David Silber looks at several pivotal elements of the creation narrative as it appears in Exodus.
Listen 11/29/2009

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