June 23 - July 22, 2020

Dr. Beth Samuels High School Program

Drisha is continuously monitoring developments around COVID-19 and adjusting all summer programming operations accordingly. We anticipate that summer programs will move forward as planned, however we will continue to provide updates should there be any changes. 

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Monday, June 23 – Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Every summer, teens from around the world spend five memorable weeks together, building their knowledge and friendships at Drisha.

As a program participant you will have the chance to engage in serious study of Jewish texts beyond the scope of a high school classroom. You will develop your ability to analyze these essential texts, challenge yourself to ask questions and be an active participant in thought-provoking discussions.

Students at Drisha form a close bond as they immerse themselves in new experiences both in and out of the beit midrash. They are united by a love of Torah and a deep respect for each other’s perspectives. Summer in New York City is experienced through engagement with the arts, culture, sports, local festivals and by enjoying the vibe that NYC life has to offer. Conversations that begin over sacred texts transcend the physical walls of Drisha and continue while students ride the subways, jog the reservoir in Central Park, explore museums and experience the depth and sophistication of urban living.  Over the course of the academic year relationships continue to grow through alumni shiurim and events, online engagement through web-based learning, active social media channels, listservs and mid-year shabbatonim.

Cost: Funding for this program is provided by grants and by donations from several of our generous donors. Admitted students may be eligible for a fellowship for study. The cost of subsidized room and board for 2020 is $900. (need-based financial assistance available).

Your application will be reviewed upon receipt of all of the following:
1. Completed Online Application Form
2. Two Letters of Recommendation

Application Deadline: Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until March 15.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

HS 2017 havrutot- compressedMENTORS AND ROLE MODELS.

Students and faculty learn from one another in the beit midrash and out. Many of our teachers have studied at Drisha, and most teach at Yeshivot, day schools and universities in the US and Israel.


hs 2017 learning alone- compressedEXPLORE YOUR OWN QUESTIONS.
Why would God want Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? Did Ishmael deserve to be banished? How can Pharoah be punished if God hardened his heart?  You will choose a topic that intrigues you, and investigate it with a faculty advisor.


hs 2017 library compressedDISCOVER NEW YORK.
Located in Manhattan, Drisha provides participants with many unique New York experiences such as Shakespeare in the Park, visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA, biking on Governor’s Island, walks across the Brooklyn Bridge as well as outdoor concerts in city parks.


ice cream- compressedCREATE COMMUNITY.
An integral part of the High School Program is the dormitory where our students and madrichot live together, creating bonds that last beyond their short time at Drisha.  Dorm life includes highlights such as color war, sushi making night, cupcake decorating, end of the summer pool party and more!

Click here to read about Dr. Beth Samuels, z”l, for whom the program is named.

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