November 17, 2019

Global Day

The Global Day of Jewish Learning brings the Jewish people together once a year to celebrate our shared Jewish text through community-based learning.

The guiding values of the Global Day of Jewish Learning are: fostering Jewish unity, empowering individuals through increased Jewish knowledge, and creating meaningful shared experiences.

Date: Sunday, Nov 17, 2019
Time: ~9:45am-5pm
Location: JCC Manhattan
Format: 50 minute concurrent classes (10 min breaks in between)

This year’s theme is “Speaking Volumes”. From ancient arguments to modern meanings, from raising our voices to remaining silent, explore how and why words matter.

Words have power. They can create, they can harm or heal, they can explain or they can obscure. Even our silences can speak volumes. This year, communities around the world will join together to discuss words and their impact on our lives, using Jewish texts as a starting point for conversations.

Explore the power of words by asking questions like:

More details to come …

Recordings of sessions will be available online after the program.

Not in NYC? Find a Global Day Event in Your Area” that would link to TheGlobalDay.ORG

Past Presenters (2018)