Vered Noam

Vered Noam is professor of Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University, where she is the head of the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies. Her research interests are Rabbinic literature, Qumran literature, and Flavius Josephus. She is Coeditor of Zion, a quarterly for research in Jewish History, and of Journal of Ancient Judaism Supplement Series.  In 2010 Vered was the recipient of the Michael Bruno Memorial Award. Publications include Megillat Ta’anit: Versions, Interpretation, History, Jerusalem: Yad Ben-Zvi Press (2003); From Qumran to the Rabbinic Revolution: Conceptions of Impurity, Yad Ben Zvi Press (2010);  Josephus and the Rabbis (with Tal Ilan, forthcoming this year); Josephus and the Rabbis on the Hasmoneans (in preparation). She is currently preparing an English translation and commentary of 4QMMT (the Dead Sea Scroll named “Some Precepts of the Torah“) for The Oxford Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls.