Rabbi Moshe Silver

Moshe Silver is a founding member of the Drisha Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur minyan and has been a Baal Tokeiya (Shofar blower) for 45 years. Moshe and his wife Reza Green, likewise a core member of the Drisha Minyan, made Aliyah in 2018 and live in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Silver has run a “Drisha alumni” Minyan in Jerusalem the past two years. This year, because of the coronavirus, he has launched an initiative to send shofar blowers throughout the city of Jerusalem to make sure no one will miss out on this important Mitzvah. He teaches at Yeshivat Hashiveinu, on Mt. Zion, and he continues to write both fiction and Torah commentary. His forthcoming book The Weight of Gold is a unique approach to studying the weekly Torah portions for lessons of personal growth and social justice.