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Why Rain Comes from Above: Biblical and Rabbinic Reflections on Sharing Our Blessings

Dr. Devora Steinmetz / March 30, 2015

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Biblical and rabbinic texts about rain invite us to join in an exercise of religious imagination and to consider how this mundane—yet critically life-giving—event offers a model for reflecting on our responsibilities toward those who have less that we do. We will study several of these texts as a foundation for the work of learning about hunger and considering how we might respond.


Recording - 03/03/2015



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Dr. Devora Steinmetz

Dr. Devora Steinmetz serves on the faculty of Drisha Institute in the United States and Israel and on the leadership team of Drisha’s new yeshiva in Israel. The founder of Beit Rabban, she is the author of scholarly articles on Talmud, Midrash, and Bible as well as of two books: From Father to Son: Kinship, Conflict, and Continuity in Genesis and Punishment and Freedom: The Rabbinic Construction of Criminal Law. Dr. Steinmetz also serves on the faculty of the Mandel Institute for Nonprofit Leadership. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Devora Steinmetz.


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