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Where Was God: Theology, Religion, Halakha, and Community After the Holocaust

Jerome Chanes / November 8, 2011

When did the Holocaust come into the consciousness of Jews, in America and in Israel?  How did Yom HaShoah come to be, and, for that matter, where did the word “Shoah” itself come from?  How were the emerging theologies of the Holocaust (“God is Dead,” “A New Covenant”) crafted?  Was there an Orthodox “position” on the Holocaust?  What were the halakhic implications of these issues?  These and other questions are explored in a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Destruction of European Jewry on Jewish religious thought and on the Jewish community.




Jerome Chanes

Jerome Chanes is a senior fellow at the Center for Jewish Studies, CUNY Graduate Center, the author or editor of four books on American Jewish history and public affairs, and has taught at the university level in the United States and abroad.  His articles and reviews appear regularly in the Forward and The Jewish Week.


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