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Under the Sea: The Song of the Sea and the Creation Stories of the Ancient Near East

Stu Halpern / March 23, 2017

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The Song of the Sea, the famed song of victory and thanksgiving recited by Moses and the Israelites after crossing the Red Sea and ritualized into our daily prayers, contains an apparent anachronism. In our quest to identify what appears to be out of place and why, we will examine selected excerpts of the Song, study its classical and modern biblical interpretations, and look at both the book of Psalms as well as ancient pagan creation stories. Join us as we seek a better understanding of the Song of the Sea, an iconic piece of the Exodus story.




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Stu Halpern

Stu Halpern serves on the staff and faculty of Drisha. He holds an EdD from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University, an MA in Psychology in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, an MA in Bible from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the editor or co-editor of 13 books, most recently Books of the People: Revisiting Classic Works of Jewish Thought, and has taught at Yeshiva University, and in synagogues, Hillels, and adult educational settings throughout the US.


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