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The Modern State in the Eyes of Halakhah

Adina Levine / June 27, 2017

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The interaction between the American and Rabbinic legal systems has resulted in not only the American code grappling with how to handle halakhah, but also in the development of a discrete corpus on the rabbinic view of the American legal system and the authority of the modern state. In this session, we will analyze contemporary applications of the halakhic concepts of Mesirah and Dina d’Malchuta Dina, exploring the varying ways in which Jewish law views the American legal court system, and ask whether those views are justified, in terms of both history as well as contemporary jurisprudence. This is part of our lecture series "Halakhah, Religion, and the State."




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Adina Levine

Adina C. Levine teaches in the Drisha Kollel. She is currently an associate at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP, a full service New York law firm, where she specializes in litigation. Prof. Levine received her JD from Harvard Law School, with a focus on comparative law.  She holds a Masters in Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School for Jewish Education, with a focus on secondary Jewish education.  Prior to attending law school, Prof. Levine participated in the Avi Chai Program for Advanced Talmudic Studies at Yeshiva University and received her Bachelors in Journalism from Stern College for Women as a Golding Distinguished Scholar. She is an adjunct professor at Touro Law School in Jewish Law, and also currently serves as an adjunct professor at Yeshiva University Stern College for Women, teaching a wide-range of law courses including Constitutional Law, Women and the Law, and Comparative American law and Talmudic law.


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