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“Sweetening Judgment:” Readings in Rabbi Nahman of Breslov, in Hebrew

Ben-Zion Ovadia / June 11, 2013

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The notion of din - a central motif in Kabbalistic literature - is reformulated and reframed throughout the works of the founder of Breslover Chasidut. What can a sensitive understanding of Rabbi Nahman's symbolic and cryptic teachings reveal to us regarding the existential and spiritual questions many of us engage with today?


Part 1 - 06/04/2013


Part 2 - 06/11/2013


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Ben-Zion Ovadia

Ben-Zion Ovadia teaches at the "Havruta" beit midrash at Hebrew University and is a core faculty member of Drisha's beit midrash in Israel, in which he teaches Talmud and Chassidic thought. He studies philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he is writing a thesis on the philosophy of language in the thought of Wittgenstein and his followers. He is also deeply interested in cantorial and Sephardic liturgical music. Ben-Zion worked closely with David Silber in translating his Haggadah into the Hebrew edition. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Ben-Zion Ovadia.


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