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Remembering the Korban Pesach in Masechet Pesachim and in Ancient Jewish Sources

Yedidah Koren / March 22, 2021

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Pesach is a holiday of remembrance. In this class we will think about the ways in which the Seder night is intended at remembering - and reenacting - the Korban Pesach, and the ways in which the Korban Pesach itself was intended to reenact the first Pesach offering that was celebrated in Egypt. Alongside sources from Masechet Pesachim, we will study additional ancient Jewish sources that reminisce about this offering, but in a very different way.


Session 1 - 03/21/2021



Posted: 03/21/2021

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  Session 1 Posted: 03/21/2021

Yedidah Koren

Yedidah Koren is currently completing her PhD dissertation on Mamzerim and lineage in rabbinic literature at Tel Aviv University. Yedidah has taught at Drisha, Yeshivat Hadar, Bar Ilan University, and the Paideia institute in Stockholm. She has studied at Drisha, Matan, Migdal Oz, and Midreshet Lindenbaum, and she holds a BA in Talmud and Classics from the Hebrew University. Yedidah is also a fellow of the Maskilot program at the Hartman institute in Jerusalem.


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