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Playing with Sexuality and Gender in Megillat Esther

Alieza Salzberg / February 8, 2013

The rabbinic interpretation of Megillat Esther adds many layers to the narrative of Queen Esther, including the love triangle between Esther, Achashverosh and Mordechai.  We will learn these midrashim and seek to understand the rabbinic motivation to develop this romantic plot twist.  We will explore the rabbinic model of female leadership and the questions surrounding the relationship between the female and male hero of the tale.




Alieza Salzberg

Alieza Salzberg is Co-Founder and Director at Yeshivat Talpiot in Jerusalem. She is a graduate student at the Hebrew University where she studies Rabbinic Literature. She studied at Drisha; has an MA in Creative Writing from City College, graduated from the Advanced Talmud Institute at Matan; and was a fellow at the Hartman Institute’s Seder Nashim, Beit Midrash for Judaism and Gender.


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