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Philosophical Scissors in the Hands of the Rabbis

Dr. Samuel Lebens / July 29, 2020

In this class, Dr. Lebens will explore a classic Talmudic debate about the limits of acceptable testimony in a court of law. But in order to better understand the various positions that emerge from the Rabbis, we will take a detour through contemporary philosophy of language. What does it mean to cut a sentence into its smallest pieces, and how does this relate to Rabbinic conception of law and justice?


Dr. Samuel Lebens

Rabbi Dr. Samuel Lebens is a philosopher at the university of Haifa and adjunct faculty at Drisha. His first book is about Bertrand Russell and the philosophy of language. His second book, The Principles of Judaism (forthcoming with Oxford University Press) is a contemporary exploration of the philosophical underpinnings of the Jewish faith. He is also co-founder of the Association for the Philosophy of Judaism (personal website: Click here to access podcasts recorded by Sam Lebens.


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