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Shir Hashirim: The Love Poem of the Bible

Dr. Adele Berlin / June 16, 2021

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The Song of Songs has been interpreted midrashically in a variety of ways. These 3 sessions with Adele Berlin will analyze it as a love poem and compare and contrast it with other ancient love poetry.


Session 1 - 06/14/2021


Session 2 - 06/21/2021


Session 3 - 06/28/2021



Posted: 06/14/2021

Posted: 06/21/2021

Posted: 06/28/2021

Source Sheets

  Session 2 (Part 1) Posted: 06/21/2021
  Session 2 (Part 2) Posted: 06/21/2021
  Session 2 (Part 3) Posted: 06/21/2021
  Session 3 Posted: 06/28/2021

Dr. Adele Berlin

Dr. Adele Berlin taught in the Winter Week 2011 program and several times in the Drishat Shalom Fellowship. She is the Robert H. Smith Professor of Bible Emerita at University of Maryland. Her special interests are literary approaches to the Bible and the theory and practice of biblical interpretation. She has published seven books, written over thirty scholarly articles, and edited three books. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Adele Berlin.


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