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Less Ego, More God: R. Abraham Joshua Heschel in Conversation with Hasidic Masters and Christian Mystics on the Spiritual Project of Prayer

Shai Held / March 19, 2014

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An exploration of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's outlook on how self-transcendence as a means of connection to God can be achieved through the values instilled by prayer.


Recording - 03/24/2014



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Shai Held

Shai HeldĀ is Co-Founder, Dean and Chair in Jewish Thought at Mechon Hadar. He has taught for institutions such as Drisha, Me'ah, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and the Rabbinic Training Institute, and currently serves on the faculty of the Wexner Heritage program. He has a PhD in religion from Harvard. His book,Ā Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of TranscendenceĀ came out from Indiana University Press in the falll of 2013. Click hereĀ to access podcasts recorded by Shai Held.


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