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Jewish and American Ethos During Tumultuous Times: Complementary and Conflicting Visions of Human Dignity and Worth

Bernard Steinberg / November 14, 2017

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Part of the Jack Flamholz Memorial Yom Iyun on Judaism in America: Intersecting Values and Identities.


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Bernard Steinberg

Dr. Bernard Steinberg, Director Emeritus of Harvard Hillel, also served as President of the Harvard Chaplains, and lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government. He has conducted workshops on moral leadership for The Center for Curatorial Leadership in New York, a year-long fellowship for distinguished museum curators from the US and around the world, and teaches at the Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Steinberg was a founding Fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute and among the founders of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. He taught Jewish thought at the Hebrew University and served on the faculty of The Wexner Heritage Foundation, a national fellowship program for Jewish leaders. He has a PhD in Jewish Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MA in modern Jewish thought from Brandeis University, and a BA in literature from Wesleyan University. Dr. Steinberg is a recipient of the Benjamin J. Shevach Award for Distinguished Leadership in Jewish Education conferred by the Boston Hebrew College and the Covenant Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.


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