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Jack Flamholz Memorial Yom Iyun: “You didn’t build that”: On Thanksgiving

Raphael Magarik / November 12, 2017

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Jack Flamholz was a born and bred Brooklyn boy, an avid learner, and a true Renaissance Man. He had a strong interest in Jewish American history which inspired Drisha and the Luchfeld- Flamholz family to organize a Yom Iyun in his memory.

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“You didn’t build that”: On Thanksgiving - 11/12/2017


Raphael Magarik

Raphael Magarik is a shoel u'meishiv and teaches aggadah at Mechon Hadar and is a graduate student in English literature and Jewish Studies at the University to California, Berkeley. He has studied at Yeshivat Maale GIlboa, Drisha, and Yeshivat Hadar, as well as at Berkeley, Yale (where he received his BA), and Hebrew University. He teaches for Kevah and is a co-founder of Minyan Dafna, a traditional egalitarian minyan in Berkeley.

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