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Holding Patterns

Rute Yair-Nussbaum / December 25, 2014

In order for our contact with light to be sustainable, the light must be held in a proper container, or home. We will explore the relationship between light and vessels for light, and by extension the issue of checks and balances. We will study biblical and midrashic sources that describe the catastrophic consequences of exposure to light that one is ill-equipped to hold and the redemptive possibilities when one finds a fitting container. Part of Winter Week of Learning 2014




Rute Yair-Nussbaum

Rute Yair-Nussbaum teaches Chassidut in Midreshet Lindenbaum, Maale (the Jewish film school) and in various other places, including Havruta- the Hebrew University Bet- Midrash, Midreshet Ein Prat, alumnae of Ramat Gan hesder Yeshiva and Yeshivat Hadar, Israel. She often teaches at Drisha during the summer. She has a BA in Jewish Philosophy and Jewish History from Hebrew University, an MA from N.Y.U and is pursuing a PhD in Jewish Philosophy in Haifa University. She Lives in Jerusalem with her husband and five children, and is eternally grateful to have had Shlomo as her teacher. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Rute Yair Nussbaum. Click here to return to the Faculty and Administration page.


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