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Ezra-Nehemiah Looking Backward To Move Forward

Yael Leibowitz / November 24, 2013

What aspects of its historical context does Sefer Ezra-Nehemiah seek to address and how does the author do so?


Part 1 - 10/30/2013


Part 2 - 11/06/2013


Part 3 - 11/13/2013


Part 4 - 11/20/2013


Yael Leibowitz

Yael Leibowitz teaches in the July College Kollel. She serves on the Judaic Studies faculty at Stern College and is Resident Scholar at the Jewish Center of Manhattan. A graduate of Stern College, she has an MA in Judaic Studies from Columbia University. She has lectured extensively throughout the tristate area and around the country. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Yael Leibowitz.


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