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Existential Issues in Torah and Talmud: Freedom, Meaning, Integrity, Isolation, Anxiety, Time, and Death

Tsvi Blanchard / October 29, 2015

Using an interactive method, we will explore together ways in which the Torah and rabbinic literature approach the most important human concerns. We will learn from the interactions, conflicts, and synergies of Torah text, midrash and classical commentary as well as from our own life experience. This is the first session of a multi-part class.




Tsvi Blanchard

Tsvi Blanchard is the Meyer Struckmann Professor of Jewish Law at Humboldt University Faculty of Law in Berlin as well as scholar-in-residence at the Institute for Law, Religion and Lawyer’s Work at Fordham Law School. In addition to being an ordained Orthodox rabbi, he holds PhDs in Philosophy and Clinical Psychology. He has taught philosophy and Jewish studies at Washington, Northwestern and Loyola Universities as well as at Drisha Institute and has had a private practice in psychotherapy. In addition to his articles on Jewish law, his publications include the 2002 Riesman award winning “How to Think About Being Jewish in the Twenty-First Century: a New Model of Jewish Identity Construction,” a book that he co-authored, entitled Embracing Life, Facing Death: a Jewish Guide to Palliative Care, and non-academic writings on a variety of Jewish topics.


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