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Dirshu Et Shalom HaIr Asher Hegleti Etchem Shama: On American Jews and American Citizenship

Rivka Schwartz / November 14, 2017

Part of the Jack Flamholz Memorial Yom Iyun on Judaism in America: Intersecting Values and Identities


Rivka Schwartz

Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz has spent more than fifteen years in the field of Jewish secondary education. She currently serves as the Associate Principal, General Studies at SAR High School, and has served as Director of General Studies at the Frisch School. Dr. Schwartz earned her BA in Physics and History of Science at Case Western Reserve University.  She earned her MA and PhD from Princeton University, writing her dissertation about the cultural history of the Manhattan Project.  In addition to teaching high school, she has served as an adjunct professor of history at Yeshiva and Stern Colleges.  She lectures widely both on the history of science and on Jewish topics, frequently addressing issues of contemporary importance in the American Jewish community.


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