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Dirshu: Confronting Challenges with Mind and Heart: Confronting Mental Illness

/ May 14, 2014


April 30: Ordering Disorder: A Structural Framework forThinking About Mental Illness – Dr. Hillel Grossman
Psychiatric diagnoses are a confusion of disorders, diseases, reactions, responses, personality and behavior. This talk will outline a structure for understanding where symptoms, stories, behaviors and traits fit in how we think about mental illness and how these elements interact within the person’s experience.

May 7: The Human Experience of Recovery: Living with Meaning and Hope– Dr. Marianne Farkas
Recovery is a concept that has special implications in relation to mental illnesses. This talk will introduce what recovery means for individuals with mental illness, what studying recovery has shown us, what the critical components of recovery are, and what can help foster a journey of recovery.

May 14: Living with Mental Illness: From Where Does My Help Come? – A conversation between Rabbi Roly Matalon, Rabbi Mychal Springer, and Benyamin Cirlin, followed by an open discussion about the role and responsibility of community, led by Rabbi Felicia Sol and Rabbi David Silber.
An exploration of Jewish resources, textual, ritual, and communal, that are available to those living with mental illness, their family members, and their friends, followed by an open discussion about the role and responsibility of community


Posted: 05/14/2014

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