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Day of Atonement: Atonement for What?

Dr. Shmuel Wygoda / September 30, 2014

We often relate to our religious life on a technical level: Do / Don't; Develop / Don't develop particular feelings. In turn our perception of teshuva is grounded in this kind of understanding. Some Hassidic texts suggest that the challenge of religious life should be conceived on a different scale.




Dr. Shmuel Wygoda

Shmuel Wygoda is the Director of Herzog Teachers' College at Alon-Shevut in Israel and the Academic Director of the New Horizons for Jewish Educators project for senior educators from religious high schools. Dr. Wygoda also directs the Channels of Knowledge project for heads of hesder yeshivot. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Shmuel Wygoda.


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