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Bridging the Potential Gap Between Law and Justice: Lifnim M’Shurat haDin

Dina Najman / July 1, 2015

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In every society that is governed by a defined system of laws, there tends to be a gap between the dictates of the law and the society's ideals of justice and morality, frequently leading to a feeling that where there is law, there is injustice. Jewish law has sought to bridge this gap, of which it is keenly aware.




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Dina Najman

Dina Najman is Rosh Kehila of The Kehilah in Riverdale, NY. She is the head of the Gemara department at SAR Academy and was a fellow at Drisha and Nishmat.  She received ordination from Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber and is a certified Bioethicist through the NYU/Einstein Bioethics and Medical Humanities program and lecturer on bioethics and halakhah in many communities. Click here to access podcasts recorded by Dina Najman.


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