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Adoption or Resistance: The Structure of the Seder and the Greco-Roman Symposium

Dr. Yair Furstenberg / March 22, 2021

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While both Jewish and Christian authors in Antiquity openly confronted Greek and Roman practices of dining and celebration, the rabbis shaped the most important meal of the year in disturbing similarity to the Greco-Roman symposium. What is the cultural significance of this choice? While scholars hotly debated this question, I suggest a new perspective to this issue through a close analysis of the structure of the Seder in the Mishnah.


Session 1 - 03/21/2021



Posted: 03/21/2021

Dr. Yair Furstenberg

Dr. Yair Furstenberg is the chair of the Talmud Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on the history of early rabbinic literature and law within its Greco-Roman context. In his publications he examines the emergence of the rabbinic movement and the evolution of the Mishnah. His current project aims to integrate rabbinic legal activity into its Roman provincial context. He is the founder and served as a co-gabbay of "Hakhel - Minyan Shivyoni Baka"


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