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גפת 35: מאיפה לומדים הלכות עסקים: מהמציאות או מהפסוקים?

Rabbanit Hanna Godinger / October 29, 2020


This week, the daf yomi (on daf 81a) engages its learners in a discussion about business practices. Business and economics are as old as the world, but unfortunately, so are corruption and lies in the name of profit. Our tradition sets definitions and boundaries for just behavior in this area, though the source of theses laws is a matter of dispute. Join Rabbanit Hanna (Dreyfuss) Godinger in this week’s גפת בדף היומי as she explores the sugya through the different understandings of Rashi and Tosafot. Watch the shiur (in Hebrew) with its accompanying presentation -


Posted: 10/29/2020

Rabbanit Hanna Godinger

Rabbanit Hanna Godinger (Dreyfuss) serves as Rosh Yeshiva and teaches gemara (iyun). Rabbanit Dreyfuss learned in Migdal Oz, Matan, and Beit Morasha. She earned her BA in philosophy and psychology and her MA in Talmud. She served as Rabbanit Beit Sefer in Pelech High School, as Rosh Beit Midrash in Midreshet Lindenbaum, and as head of the Metivta program in advanced Talmud at Matan. Rabbanit Dreyfuss is a sought-after speaker and teacher who has been invited to teach in yeshivot and panels of rashei yeshiva.


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