Arts Fellowship

Drisha’s Arts Fellowship ran from 2006 to 2014.

We offer many classes, seminars, and workshops; please click here for our current offerings.


The Arts Fellowship Program aims to revitalize the Jewish community by producing Jewishly knowledgeable artists. Women who are creative writers, visual artists, musicians, and performers are invited to apply. Drisha encourages the Arts Fellows to integrate their work with their Jewish learning and experience.

Arts Fellows who learn full time at Drisha receive a tuition waiver and may apply for a stipend. Arts Fellows who learn part time receive a tuition waiver and may receive a financial award at the end of their year of learning.

Artists come from a range of diverse backgrounds in Jewish learning and have the opportunity to select a group of classes appropriate to their level. Some artists take skill-based classes in Biblical Hebrew and Bible in our Yesodot Skill-Building program. Those with a more extensive background in learning may join our Beit Midrash Program or Scholars Circle and study Talmud and halakhah as well as Bible. Click here to learn more about these programs.

In addition to committing to a select group of regular Drisha classes, all of the arts fellows attend a dynamic text class once a week designed to enrich their work and deepen their relationship with the Torah. This class also gives fellows the opportunity to spend time in the beit midrash (library) doing research for independent projects. Open only to Arts Fellows, this class serves to foster a strong bond among them.

Arts fellows meet at “salons” every week to share and discuss their work. Arts Fellows also present their work to the Drisha community throughout the year, and perform, read, or showcase their work at an event that takes place in June. Collaborations are encouraged.

2007-2008 Arts Fellow and poet Carly Sachs reflects:

“This year it dawned on me that until I arrived at Drisha I had never found this type of community in all of my writing or Jewish experiences. I was always the lone writer or the lone Jew depending on which group I found myself in. Being at Drisha has strengthened my passion for integrating who I am as a Jew into my writing. Drisha has given me a rich context that inspires and informs my poetry. I’m very grateful to be part of this kind of program where we are encouraged to share our passions, fears, processes, and help each other as we learn and grow as Jews and as artists. As a writer, I’m very excited to be learning Biblical Hebrew which allows me, finally, to engage in texts that I would have otherwise thought were closed to me.”
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