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5-Minute Divrei Torah


Yitzhak Berger


Gila Bieler-Hoch


Ben Skydell


Shuli Weiner

Recorded Classes

Nathaniel Helfgot

Parashat Miketz
Listen 15/12/2009
Parashat Miketz
Listen 04/12/2007

Judy Klitsner

Joseph’s Temptations and Channukah: Delivering the Powerful into the Hands of the Weak
How is sibling rivalry reflected in the story of Channukah? Part of The Renee and Alexander Bohm Memorial Lecture Series.
Listen 12/11/2013

David Silber

Parashat Miketz
Listen 08/12/2015
Parashat Miketz
Listen 16/12/2014
Parashat Miketz: Purposeful Ambiguity
In this session, we talk about the concept of "purposeful ambiguity," where the interpretation of a verse or story is indeterminate. In addition, we compare the story of Benjamin "stealing" the cup with the story of Rachel taking her father's idols and trace elements of the Joseph narrative into Megillat Esther.
Listen 26/11/2013
Parashat Miketz
Listen 11/12/2012
Parashat Miketz
Listen 30/11/2010

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