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Love Without Limits? The Dynamics and Problematics of Rav Kook’s Moral Discourse

Rav Kook was on the way of creating a new take on how to live a good life, welcoming personal transformation. We will focus on some moral and personal traits he promoted and explore how they might guide our contemporary lived experiences.

Daniel Landes

Beyond Good and Evil: Where Does Man Perceive God?

Tractate Berachot’s concluding discussions of everyday liturgical performances emphasize the need to find God in all realms of experience, by reciting blessings over food and diverse phenomena. This contrasts starkly with parallel discussions in other Talmudic texts, such as Tosefta Berachot, which focus on seeking God through the daily performance of mitzvot. Part of Drisha's Winter Week of Learning 2005, dedicated in memory of Rifka Rosenwein, z”l.  

Avie Walfish

Parashat HaShavua

Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei

Aaron Koller

Parashat Ki Tisa

Erin Leib Smokler