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Dirshu Et Shalom HaIr Asher Hegleti Etchem Shama: On American Jews and American Citizenship

Part of the Jack Flamholz Memorial Yom Iyun on Judaism in America: Intersecting Values and Identities

Rivka Schwartz

Talmud Study as a Religious Practice

Talmud study poses formidable challenges: the Talmud is a difficult and complex text, its modes of argumentation can appear foreign or artificial, much of its subject matter can seem dissonant with or distant from the realities of our lives. This lecture focuses on some of the more challenging aspects of the Talmud and discuss how these very attributes can contribute to the religious formation of the student of Talmud.

Devora Steinmetz

Parashat HaShavua

Parashat Titzaveh

Ben Skydell

Parashat Terumah

Rachel Rosenthal