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Dr. Beth Samuels High School Program: Testimonials

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“This has been the best summer I’ve ever had. It was empowering, uplifting and enlightening. My teachers have inspired me and taught me how to think differently. My friends and I have bonded over a mutual love of learning Torah. Over the course of my time at Drisha, I learned that it is my own responsibility to learn Torah and not that of my teachers or parents. It’s mine, and mine alone. I have decided to take it upon myself to learn a whole masekhet of gemara outside of what I learn in school. I am eager to take the techniques and skills that I have acquired over the course of the past five weeks and use them to further my learning in school and in life as I continue to think, learn and grow.”
– Meirit Cohen, Brookline, MA, Summer 2017



“Drisha is an inspiring, empowering, and accepting place. It is truly life changing. I hope to become a leader in my community, using the tools and knowledge I have been so lucky to learn. The summer I spent at Drisha will never be forgotten.”
– Gabrielle Buch, Hillside, NJ, Summer 2016
“At Drisha I’ve been exposed to people and ideas that I likely would never have stumbled across on my own. I have had so many fantastic opportunities- both in and out of the classroom- to broaden not only my exposure to Judaism, but to the world at large.”
– Naomi Horn, Nashville, TN, Summer 2016
“It is really refreshing to learn with a group of people so excited about Judaism and learning- both teachers and students.”
– Miriam Kunin, UK, Summer 2016



“I liked how we just got to inhale the Torah and taste it.”
– Summer 2014 participant
“I met such educated people who I highly respected. The “go and learn the sources” attitude made all the conversations so much more meaningful. We were also allowed to get frustrated with the Torah and it was okay. We got to talk about morals in the Torah.   I did not expect to get this much meaning out of only five weeks but I did and I am still shellshocked from the experience.”
– Summer 2014 participant
“I loved Torah before but now I feel that I love it and Torah loves me back. It is very hard to feel that feeling in school when you must take notes and get tested.  Drisha let me ask “the big questions” and gave me responses while also showing me how much there is still to learn.”
– Summer 2014 participant
“At Drisha I learned that big questions don’t usually have answers.”
– Summer 2014 participant
“I LOVED havruta time, the independence of it and our ability to truly conquer a sugya.”
– Summer 2014 participant


“I came with a lot of religious questions and expected to find answer for them.  Instead I found more questions which I think is even better.  Learning is never done, it’s a long-lasting process.  Drisha not only made me think but also gave me the tools to open books and find my own answers.”
– Hallel Rabinowitz, Jerusalem, Summer 2012
“I loved being with people with the same values as mine who loved learning.”
– Eden Farber, Atlanta, GA, Winter 2010 & 2011, Summer 2012
“My daughter enjoyed an amazing summer at Drisha in NY and I can truly say it was a life-changing experience… This program made a significant contribution to her love of Torah and enabled her to spend a summer in a very worthwhile manner.”
– Susan Wolf, mother of Avia Wolf, Alon Shvut, Israel, Summer 2011
“Certain experiences in life stay with you forever.  Drisha is one of these experiences. I never anticipated the incredible group of people I would meet from all religious and geographic backgrounds.  Our teachers were wonderful and enthusiastic about getting to know us and be our mentors. Whether we were studying Talmud, Midrashim, or Tanakh, our teachers helped us see the texts through new eyes and learn how to learn. One of the remarkable things about Drisha is that you never truly leave.  You always have a group of peers and mentors to rely on.  On a summer visit to the East Coast,  I met with several of my Drisha alumni and often stayed at their homes for lunch or Shabbat.  On my class trip to Israel, I visited with friends from Drisha who had either made aliyah or come for a visit, and I spent my free weekend at the apartment of my former teacher. Drisha has truly become my family, and opens its doors to nourish the love of learning in Jewish women around the world.”
– Mitzi Steiner, Los Angeles, CA, Summer 2004 & 2005

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