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Dr. Beth Samuels High School Program: FAQs

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The opportunity to learn things that I normally don’t get to learn at my school made Drisha a really exciting place to be.
-Karen Roelofsen, Atlanta, Georgia


Q: Where do we live?

A: In the summer Drisha High School students live in dorms. Amenities include a kosher kitchen. Madrichot (counselors) live with the students and accompany them to and from Drisha.

Q: Who comes to the program?

A: This program attracts strong learners from all over the world. Students come from across the United States and abroad.

Q: How do we spend Shabbat?

A: There are two Shabbatons during the summer program and during the remaining two weekends students enjoy home hospitality.

Q: What kind of background in Jewish texts is required?

A: Students come to Drisha with a wide range of skills. The program is geared towards students with strong Hebrew and text skills. However, classes are offered on two tracks and with guidance from instructors, those with less proficiency are able to be successful in the program.

Q: I attend public school. Will I fit in?

A: Absolutely. Each year the Drisha welcomes public school students who especially appreciate the opportunity to delve full-time into Jewish texts.

Q: Will I be safe in NYC?

A: Your safety is our foremost concern. While NYC, like any big city, has its risks, students always travel accompanied by teachers or madrichot.

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