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Drishat Shalom Fellowship

Students in college, graduate or rabbinical school and young professionals, who seek to join a cohort of dedicated peers to engage in deep, meaningful Torah learning, are invited to apply for the Drishat Shalom Fellowship.

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Fall 2017 Theme- Money: Privileges and Responsibilities
Tzedakah is one of the most basic mitzvot and also one of the hardest to define. What responsibilities do we have with our money? Are there causes that demand priority? Can we justify buying the iPhone X before solving global hunger? Do yeshivot in Israel take precedence over the homeless in NYC? If there is a hurricane, should we send money to the Caribbean or the Jewish communities in Houston? In our globalized world, does it matter where the poor are? Can paying day school tuition exempt me from other obligations?

Do we have to seek out need, or wait for it to come to us? Is tzedakah primarily for the giver or the recipient? Is it a mitzvah ben adam la-makom or ben adam la-ḥavero? Is there such a thing as “too much” giving?

In this series we will explore the history of tzedakah in Tanakh and in Hazal, the philosophy of the mitzvah, and the outlines of the halakhic obligations.

Seminar Dates: Wednesdays, October 25, November 1, 8, 29, December 6. From 7 to 9pm.
As part of the fellowship, each fellow is expected to attend one event at Drisha during the fall semester in addition to the above seminar dates.

Faculty includes Jesse Abelman, Alyssa Gray, Aaron Koller, Joanna Samuels, and David Silber.

Apply by October 18, 2017. Applications received after October 18 will be considered as space allows.

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